Why should we purchase items from WPA EDS Supply?

Besides quality and price, unlike other sources, monies spent on items purchased from WPA EDS Supply only benefit The Salvation Army.


After we submit a request, when will the items be shipped?

We will always try to ship as soon as possible. However, please keep in mind that we are a small entity and most of the staff is part time and may not be in when the order is placed.


How will items be shipped?

Items are shipped via FedEx.


Are items always in stock?

No, items sometimes have to be placed on Back Order and if this is the case you will be notified. This is why we request that you give us an email address where status updates can be sent.


Do you accept Credit Cards?

No, being a small concern, in order to keep prices low, credit cards are not accepted.


How will I be invoiced?

Normally, you will receive an invoice from Trade for the items purchased.


When will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced after we receive the invoice from FedEx telling us what the shipping costs were. Normally, we receive the invoice two weeks after we ship the items and then we wait another week since additional charges may be made on the shipment by FedEx. We then inform Trade of the amount to be invoiced.



What if I order something and the size I ordered is too small or too large?

If the item requested has not been worn you may return it within two days. Please notify us first if you are returning something. Note that there is a small restocking fee of $5.00 to $10.00 dollars and you will be charged for the additional shipping charges.